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Take the Fear Out of Your Dental Visits

If thoughts of visiting the dentist for dental treatment frighten you, sedation dentistry is the solution.

At Designing Smiles San Francisco, we offer different kinds of sedation options to remove the fear often associated with dental treatments. We may combine different techniques to relax you and make you feel comfortable during and after the procedure. Even if you have the worse dental phobia, our sedation dentistry in San Francisco enables us to manage your anxiety and fears efficiently.

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Sedation Dentistry San Francisco Sedation Dentistry San Francisco

Your physical and mental health and any health conditions that you may suffer help us determine your eligibility for the sedation dentistry in San Francisco.

At Designing Smiles San Francisco, we conduct a thorough examination and evaluation of your medical history and prevailing conditions before deciding about sedation. Your safety is our topmost priority. Once we evaluate your health, our expert dentist suggests the most suitable sedation option for you.

Helping You Overcome Your Dental Anxiety and Fears

If you have dental anxiety or fears related to dental treatments, tell us before we start the procedure.

We select the sedation dentistry in San Francisco that’s suitable to your physical and mental health to keep you relaxed and calm during the procedure. Our dentist has expertise in giving different types of dental sedation. Designing Smiles San Francisco removes the fear out of dental treatments, and you conquer your anxiety with ease.

Not sure if Sedation Dentistry is right for you? Designing Smiles San Francisco is a San Francisco Sedation Dentistry specialist who will help determine what is best for you and your specific needs. Learning about your options will help you decide what is best for your unique situation.

What Are Different Sedation Options?

Depending on your condition and fears, we decide the sedation option that will suit you best. There are different options available for sedation dentistry in San Francisco. Specific sedation options may make you forget about receiving the dental treatment even though you stay awake during the procedure.

Laughing gas or Nitrous Oxide

is the most common type, which is a mild form of sedation. You are given a nose apparatus before starting the procedure through which you inhale the gas. In some cases, laughing gas is not enough to relax the patient so we may combine oral sedation with it.

Oral Sedation

is also known as conscious sedation. In this sedation, you are given a sedative tablet before the procedure or night before the procedure depending on your condition. Sedation relaxes you significantly even though you stay awake during the dental treatment. If you have a very high level of anxiety, we may recommend oral sedation. We can help you with reliable sedation dentistry in San Francisco to make dental treatments convenient for you.

IV or intravenous sedation

is another anti-anxiety sedation in which the controlled amount of sedative is injected directly into the vein. This type has a deep sedative effect. You feel sleepy throughout the procedure and may not remember taking the treatment after the effects wear off.

General anesthesia

makes you sleep throughout the procedure. It combines the use of sedative drug injected in the vein and gaseous anesthetic. This type of sedation requires some recovery time before you leave the dental facility.

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