Dental Implants In San Francisco

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Why You Need Dental Implants?

Do you have a missing tooth due to some dental problem, gum disease, or aging? You don’t have to be disappointed. Dental Implants offer the best, quick, and permanent solution for your missing teeth.

At Designing Smiles San Francisco, we provide advanced dental implants treatment to give you natural-looking prosthetic teeth that match with your natural teeth. With dental implants in San Francisco, you can regain your youthful and beautiful smile.

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Dental Implants San Francisco Example Dental Implants San Francisco

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is actually a screw. It is usually made up of titanium. It is placed inside your gums where you have the missing teeth. The implant acts as a root for the missing tooth.

The replacement tooth or teeth are placed over the dental implant, which provides a solid base for crowns, dentures, or bridges. We can use dental implants in San Francisco to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth if required.

Who Can Have Dental Implants Treatment?

If you are not suffering from any periodontal disease, and there is adequate bone mass in your jaw to provide support to a dental implant, you are a suitable candidate for dental implants in San Francisco. Our professional dentist discusses the available options and other requirements before performing the treatment.

Not sure if dental implants are right for you? Designing Smiles San Francisco is a San Francisco dental implants specialist who will help determine what is best for you and your specific needs. Learning about your options will help you decide what is best for your unique situation.

Benefits of Having Dental Implants Treatment

At Designing Smiles San Francisco, our dental implants procedure is quick and comfortable. After a complete assessment, we perform a scan or X-ray of your jaw bone.

  • Replaces missing tooth or teeth without disturbing the adjacent teeth
  • Can be used for providing support to dentures or bridge
  • Stimulates the growth of gum tissues and bone
  • Gives attractive and natural-looking outcomes
  • Offers a stable and solid foundation for teeth replacement
  • Safe and non-toxic way of growing bone around the dental implant
  • Allows you to speak, smile and eat with renewed confidence

Through our simple, effective, and minimally painful technique, a dental implant is installed inside the gum. It is then left for a few weeks to become firm and integrate with your jawbone. Finally, the dental crown or bridge or denture is placed on it.

Dental Implants San Francisco Example Dental Implants San Francisco

The first step towards a beautiful, healthy smile is to schedule an appointment.

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