Dr. Tiffany Nguyen

Dr. Tiffany Nguyen

Dr. Tiffany Nguyen is a gentle, caring dentist in San Francisco offering general dentistry services.

Dr. Nguyen was born and raised in Santa Clara, as part of a large, tight-knit family who all call the Bay Area home. When it comes to finding a dentist, she knows how to spot a good one. In fact, she saw the same dentist from the time she was a toddler until she was in college. That experience made a lasting impression on her, and it gave her a model for how positive a dentist-patient relationship can be.

Having excelled in the sciences, and with a natural talent for the arts, she found that dentistry was the perfect way to do both. She prioritizes thorough and thoughtful care, with a focus on prevention and long-term oral health.
Dr. Nguyen attended University of the Pacific for both undergraduate studies and dental school, through its well-regarded accelerated dental program.

She completed her residency at NYU Langone Hospital in Hilo, Hawaii, where she practiced in a community health clinic setting. Today, she works with each individual patient to obtain the best possible results that fit with their budget, time constraints, and lifestyle.

Dr. Nguyen stays on top of the latest developments in her field by attending dental conferences around the country.
When she’s not at the office, you can usually find her running, hiking, biking, reading--or enjoying a pastry or two at the local bakery.